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2016: My Year in Review

I’m writing this on a rainy Boxing Day in Scotland, having just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day. I see this as an opportunity to reflect on the last twelve months, and to get ready for the next twelve. I hope you’ll learn something new, discover some new music and find the next book for your 2017 reading list along the way. Read on to find out about: the books I read the places I visited the awesome new music I discovered the concerts I

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How to increase your chances of getting hired as a developer

Encore is growing fast, which means I’ve been in the process of hiring developers for nearly four months straight. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of candidates on a variety of different platforms (we really like Hackajob, Hired, and Angellist) and I’ve gradually become more and more frustrated by the lack of individuality in developer profiles. Here are the five things I wish more developers would do when looking for their next role: 1 / Show me your personal side What makes you

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Announcing our £560k Seed Round

Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we’ve raised a new round of investment from a line-up of stellar angels. I’m excited for three reasons.* *Okay, I’m excited for hundreds of reasons, but who am I to question the Rule of Threes? The Encore house band is shaping up nicely. Taken at our home in TechHub London on 20th Oct when we only had 7 team members, this photo is already outdated! 1. Our team has doubled Growing our team was

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Everything I wish I’d known when raising my first Seed Round

Since founding Encore in September 2014, we’ve raised two rounds of funding that would typically be called “Seed” rounds. The first, a modest round in August 2015, enabled us to make our first hires and begin experimenting with paid user acquisition. The second, which closed this month, will allow us to grow our team further and further accelerate our rapid growth. Raising these rounds took six and three months respectively. The good folks at Entrepreneur First prepared us well for fundraising, in a theoretical sense.

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Facebook: Please Don’t F*ck with Instagram

I have an intense affinity with Instagram. As far as social networks go, the mobile UX i̶s̶ was exceptional, and it’s an app I use regularly throughout the day. Scrolling through my carefully curated feed is a joy: with only one photo occupying the screen at a time, the pace feels relaxed and my attention doesn’t feel like it’s being frayed at the seams. The introduction of ads to Instagram doesn’t actually bother me. They’ve been tasteful, so far. I

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Encore: Musicians On-demand

I’m really, really excited about Encore right now. What started out as “Wouldn’t it be cool if every musician in the world had a profile in one place?” has now become “Tell us which musicians you want and when, we’ll have them booked in minutes.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m still desperately eager to build a global musicians’ network, but the bookings technology we’ve developed is achieving minor miracles. Let me give you three examples: 1. Contrabassoonist needed for Symphony

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Family Dinner Volume 2: Review + Interview with Michael League & Bill Laurance

Being at the UK premiere of Family Dinner 2 felt a lot like being at the midnight screening of the latest Star Wars, only with fewer toy lightsabers and far more thick-rimmed glasses. UK premiere of Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner Volume II tonight! 🐶 🎦 🎥 🎶 🎸 🎺🎻 🎹 #psyched A post shared by James McAulay (@instamcaulay) on Jan 17, 2016 at 12:39pm PST There’s something incredibly exciting about being sat in front of a massive screen with very little idea of what you’re about to experience,

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