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How to increase your chances of getting hired as a developer

Encore is growing fast, which means I’ve been in the process of hiring developers for nearly four months straight. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of candidates on a variety of different platforms (we really like Hackajob, Hired, and Angellist) and I’ve gradually become more and more frustrated by the lack of individuality in developer profiles. Here are the five things I wish more developers would do when looking for their next role: 1 / Show me your personal side What makes you

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Facebook: Please Don’t F*ck with Instagram

I have an intense affinity with Instagram. As far as social networks go, the mobile UX i̶s̶ was exceptional, and it’s an app I use regularly throughout the day. Scrolling through my carefully curated feed is a joy: with only one photo occupying the screen at a time, the pace feels relaxed and my attention doesn’t feel like it’s being frayed at the seams. The introduction of ads to Instagram doesn’t actually bother me. They’ve been tasteful, so far. I

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If you use Gmail, you should be using Streak

I’ve talked to a surprising number of people who have never used or even heard of Streak, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on why it’s awesome. Having Streak is sort of like having Gmail on steroids. It’s actually taken me about a year to start using it properly, but I’m saving so much time now that I am. So, without further ado, and in no particular order: 1. Read receipts That little r is Rapportive, which shows you people's

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My first foray into the Open Source world

Encore's in an exciting place right now, and we're gearing up to launch at Oxford next week. Part of our preparations today involved adjusting our signup flow for Oxford students, and seeing as each student's email address contains an indication of their College, I set about writing some code to fill in the College field as soon as an Oxford student hits the second part of our registration process. The code is simple, but the process of gathering all of the email suffixes was laborious, and

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