Marketplace Mechanics

I’m starting a podcast about marketplaces

I’m really excited to announce that I’m about to begin recording my own podcast!

Since founding Encore three years ago, I’ve become fascinated, obsessed and enthralled by two-sided marketplace businesses.

Marrying the needs of supply and demand through a platform that provides more value than a direct transaction is a complex problem that every marketplace founder needs to solve quickly in order to scale.

You’re essentially building two startups at once, with two sets of users: your customers, and your suppliers.


What do you wish you’d known before joining Entrepreneur First?

Yesterday, I received an email from the EF Team requesting advice for founders about to embark on the EF programme.

“What advice would you give to someone to help them get the most out of EF?”

It’s hard to believe that, this time three years ago, I was beginning my own entrepreneurial journey as part of EF3, and there are plenty of things I wish I could tell my twenty year-old self.

Here’s a small selection: