I’m James Douglas Dean McAulay, I live in London, and I love building things for the web.

So far, I’ve been:

  • in love with music since before I can remember
  • a pianist since I was five
  • a cellist since I was nine
  • a runner since I was fifteen
  • fiercely proud of Fitzwilliam College since I was seventeen
  • a cyclist (the lycra and clipless pedals kind) since I was eighteen
  • the founder of WhichMayBall since I was nineteen
  • an intern at Large Blue, RealVNC and Decoded
  • a graduate of the Computer Science course at the University of Cambridge since I was twenty
  • the founder of Encore since I was twenty
  • a triathlete since I was twenty-five

I’m currently focused on Encore, a marketplace for booking and connecting with incredible musicians, which takes up most of my waking hours.

If you’d like to chat about Encore, my past work, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email me. I like to chat.