Speaking & Consulting


As a speaker, I’ve given a TEDx talk, given interviews on BBC Radio, DW News (German Television) and numerous podcasts, pitched at Buckingham Palace, won the Europe Category at SLUSH Music 2017 Pitching Competition, and given dozens of smaller talks, pitches and interviews over the last few years.

I’m available to speak about marketplaces, entrepreneurship, startups, music, and music tech.


I’m an expert in startup fundraising, growth and leadership, particularly around marketplace businesses, and I’m available for consulting work that focuses on helping founders:

  • Diagnose and brainstorm solutions to marketplace-specific challenges
  • Run an efficient and fast fundraising process (+ walkthrough of tools to make it easier)
  • An overview of fundraising and intro best practices
  • Pitch deck review
  • Tell a compelling origin story
  • Craft a compelling growth story
  • Supporting materials review

Feedback from founders I’ve worked with:

I would highly recommend James’s Seed Fundraising workshop for founders entering a raise. He created an incredible amount of clarity for a process that can feel convoluted at the best of times. I’ve come out of the session with a clear roadmap of how to prepare for my fundraise, what documents are needed and the order in which things should go out. We also worked through my pitch and deck and helped me identify holes I had previously been struggling to fill. Such a valuable time and monetary investment. I can’t recommend this workshop enough.

Xann, Founder

Working with James was incredibly productive and a day well-spent. He was able to help us really ground our ideas and put together a clear strategy for raising capital. He also alerted us to the opportunity from angels and helped us craft our story and our approach to close a successful round!”

Lindsay, Founder

Spending a couple of hours with James truly helped us to shape how we present our product and ourselves in a way that will potentially work with investors. I also learned a lot on how to organise our fundraising process to get the most out of every connections. I know understand what I need to change in our deck and our process to get the best possible chances. I would highly recommend.

Charles, Founder

To chat about working together, get in touch over email.


As the CEO of Encore, I’ve appeared in over 100 articles covering innovations at the company, the strength of our team, the state of the music industry, and my perspectives as a business leader.

Publications include:

  • Forbes
  • BusinessInsider
  • TechCrunch
  • The Guardian
  • The Observer
  • The Telegraph
  • NME
  • Guitar.com
  • Mixmag
  • Hypebot
  • ClassicFM