Adrift is a set of solo piano pieces designed for falling asleep to.

The EP explores the transition from wakefulness to sleep, or hypnagogia.

The first three tracks are melodic and represent thoughts and memories passing through consciousness. After Colo(u)r, each track becomes more abstract than the last as consciousness wanes, before we arrive in a full, vivid, and nostalgic dream state for the final track, There Was A Time.

Midnight Lullaby

The opening track, a waltz for ushering in sleep.

Until the Day

An instrumental version of a song I wrote in 2021:

“I spend my days thinking I am over you

When someone asks, I tell them that I’m over you

But now and then, my heart stops at the thought of you

I guess I’ll wait, until the day I’m over you


One of the very first songs I ever wrote.


Written for friends whose family members were unwell.

Baillarger’s Montage

Starting to fade towards sleep here. Jules Baillarger was a 19th-century neurologist and psychiatrist who carried out some of the earliest research into hypnagogic states.


As close to sleep as we can get, without quite being fully asleep yet.

There Was a Time

A vivid, nostalgic dream concludes Adrift.