I don’t write enough.

Four words that have resonated around my head for the last few years. I’ve made numerous attempts at blogging, always convinced that “this was it”, that I’d finally get my thoughts out into the World on a regular basis, but alas, even my most valiant efforts have never lasted more than a couple of weeks.

I’ll be honest; I’m not the most interesting man in the World, nor am I the best writer. These words will rarely tell tales of wild adventures or exotic travels, and even if they ever do, my ability to throw sentences together will rarely do justice to the real-life events.

I’ve begun to notice myself consuming far more content than I create, and this is something I’d like to change. I’m not writing with the hope of amassing a cult following, and I honestly wouldn’t feel heartbroken if these words were never read. I’m writing to help clarify my thoughts, to formulate my ideas, and to get better at it. I used to take hundreds of photos, devote whole evenings to recording music, and I relished the opportunity to capture my surroundings and express myself. However, as I’ve gotten busier with University work, I’ve found less and less time to just sit down with my thoughts and make sense of them, and this is something I really hope to achieve by writing.


I’ve just started working as an intern on the Web Development team at RealVNC, which means I get to spend ten weeks of my Summer in Cambridge, a stunning city in any season. It’s the first time I’ll have been here outside of term, without the pressures of exams on the horizon, and for once, I’ll be lucky enough to experience Cambridge at a normal, relaxed pace. It’s so easy to hurtle round the city at breakneck speed during term-time, rushing from one supervision to the next, desperately cramming as much activity as possible into just eight weeks and hopelessly wishing there were more hours in the day. At that pace, much of the city’s beauty is lost.

I’m hoping to write every few days, and I’m going to dust off my camera for when I go cycling around the surrounding countryside or visit friends. Thanks to the immeasurable wealth of content available on the internet these days, it’s all too easy just to sit back and consume the work of others. I’d like to become one of the creators again, and these words mark my first, tentative steps into the world of writing.

Edit 26.12.14: Ha, that went well.


By James McAulay

Encore CEO, Triathlete and Musician

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