Celebrating Encore’s 3rd Birthday

Last week, we celebrated three years since James and I took a train from London to Cambridge and officially launched Encore to a small community of student musicians.

This launch was a funny one. We had pulled many all-nighters to ensure we were ready for launch day, and everything seemed to fall into place just in time.

The first musician we met signed up without a problem, and we were jubilant. Then the second one tried to register, and our whole site crashed…

We came back the next day with a working site, and started to sign up dozens of musicians.

Our approach was simple. Sit at the entrance to the music department and talk to people as they left the building after their auditions.

To anyone launching a startup in the future, I’d thoroughly recommend this in-person approach. Having real conversations with real people gives you so much insight into their concerns and expectations surrounding your product that you simply cannot collect from a landing page.

Celebrating our 500th signup (left), a map of all confirmed Encore bookings (right)

Three years later, Encore is now home to over 25,000 musicians and 10,000 bands and ensembles all over the UK.

We’ve handled almost £1million of bookings, a huge milestone that we’re looking forward to hitting very soon.

Saying thank you

I want to thank a few people.

Thank you to our team, who work tirelessly to improve and develop the platform for both customers and musicians alike. Marrying the respective needs of demand and supply into a single solution is a tricky balancing act, but we’re doing an awesome job and I could not be more proud of our team.

The Encore team over the last year
The Encore team over the last year

Thank you to our advisors and investors, who have taught us so much, given us so much of their time, and helped us refine our strategy and grow as leaders.

Thank you to our customers for all of your feedback and help in crafting a platform that is delightful to use. We’re so proud to have provided musicians for such a huge variety of events.

Encore Reviews

Finally, thank you to our wonderful community of musicians. Our average review score is extremely high, and one of the main reasons customers love Encore so much is down to the high calibre of musicians and their performances.

As musicians ourselves, we love working alongside other musicians and building a platform that makes your performing lives easier every day.

The next year is a particularly exciting one for us, and I can’t wait to share our newest projects with you over the coming months.

Onwards and upwards! 🚀


By James McAulay

Encore CEO, Triathlete and Musician