Startups, Burnout, and Running

Almost exactly a year ago, I joined Entrepreneur First with three intentions:

  1. Create a startup
  2. Avoid a boring job at all costs
  3. Change the music world, somehow

The last year has been exhilarating, euphoric, and anything but boring, and I’m so proud of everything we’ve achieved with Encore so far.

That said, startups are fairly fashionable and often glamourised these days, and something people can be reluctant to talk about is how quickly they can become overwhelming, gruelling, and at times, depressing.

I’ve always turned to running whenever I’ve found myself burning out, and so tonight, in the midst of a particularly challenging month, I decided to run further than I ever have in my entire life. (25km! I can barely walk now…)

Regardless of whether you’re working in startups or not, I’d strongly suggest you give running a go if you can relate to any of the above. I doubt I’d be where I am now without it.

Here’s to another year of Encore-induced blisters.