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Interview with Fat Lama

Fat Lama are an exciting marketplace startup enabling the borrowing and lending of just about anything. I'm absolutely obsessed with marketplace businesses, and I think Fat Lama is a fantastic example of a true "sharing economy" startup: helping suppliers make money from under-utilised belongings, making it easy to borrow from trusted neighbours, and facilitating fast transactions through a secure and safe platform. Musical instruments is one of their most popular categories, so we've been having some interesting discussions recently about how Encore and FL can team

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Podcast interview: Agency Exploits in the Music Industry

I was contacted by a journalist recently who was putting together a radio piece on exploitation of musicians. As well as reaching out to agencies, he wanted to hear how we’re doing things differently and fighting for a fairer industry at Encore. Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he didn’t receive a single response from any of the agencies he contacted, so the piece has become a podcast instead of a national radio piece, featuring interviews with pro musicians, Alex Mann from the Musicians Union and

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Announcing our £560k Seed Round

Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we’ve raised a new round of investment from a line-up of stellar angels. I’m excited for three reasons.* *Okay, I’m excited for hundreds of reasons, but who am I to question the Rule of Threes? The Encore house band is shaping up nicely. Taken at our home in TechHub London on 20th Oct when we only had 7 team members, this photo is already outdated! 1. Our team has doubled Growing our team was

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Encore: Musicians On-demand

I’m really, really excited about Encore right now. What started out as “Wouldn’t it be cool if every musician in the world had a profile in one place?” has now become “Tell us which musicians you want and when, we’ll have them booked in minutes.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m still desperately eager to build a global musicians’ network, but the bookings technology we’ve developed is achieving minor miracles. Let me give you three examples: 1. Contrabassoonist needed for Symphony

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Demo Day

Entrepreneur First demo day has been and gone! Just like that, six months of blood, sweat and tears were bundled up into a four-minute presentation, and luckily, everything came together on the day. The EF team are presentation Gods, and really helped me raise my game during the final few days. Here are some lessons I learned about public speaking: Pauses feel twice as long to yourself as they do to the audience, and they are extremely effective. "Make yourself big. You're a small guy, James"

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My first foray into the Open Source world

Encore's in an exciting place right now, and we're gearing up to launch at Oxford next week. Part of our preparations today involved adjusting our signup flow for Oxford students, and seeing as each student's email address contains an indication of their College, I set about writing some code to fill in the College field as soon as an Oxford student hits the second part of our registration process. The code is simple, but the process of gathering all of the email suffixes was laborious, and

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