Startup Secrets Podcast #056: James McAulay

Marketplace Mechanics

Episode 3: Andrew Needham, HeadBox

Really pleased to announce that Episode 3 of the Marketplace Mechanics podcast is OUT NOW!

In this episode, I was privileged to have Andrew Needham from HeadBox joining me in the studio.  

HeadBox is a marketplace for booking inspiring meeting and events space all over the UK (and as of this month, Ireland!), and Andrew was generous enough to chat in-depth about the lessons learned during the early days of launching the platform.


Headbox Connect Podcast

This week on HeadBox Connect, episode 10, we interviewed James McAuley the CEO of Encore. Encore is a London based marketplace for booking musicians for events. We talk about life as an entrepreneur, the changing landscape of the music booking industry and James’ computer programming and musical background.

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Marketplace Mechanics

Now available on Spotify

Good news! You can now listen to the Marketplace Mechanics podcast on Spotify.

This should make listening easier if you don’t use podcasting apps like Stitcher or Apple Podcasts.

You can find the show here:

Don’t forget to ‘Follow’ the podcast to get updated on new episode directly within Spotify.

I have some great interviews scheduled for release in November and December, so stay tuned!

If you know a fascinating marketplace founder who you’d like me to interview, get in touch: [email protected]